Student E-mail

Each student has access to an e-mail box with the address during his/her studies, which he/she is obliged to use to communicate with the University and to receive information related to his/her studies. This address is not the same as the login name. Use your assigned username in the form (here is a sample) and the password you have set up according to the instructions on the Accounts / Information Systems Guide page as your e-mail account login details.

You can access your mailbox through the web interface at, or by using e-mail clients (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).
The settings for the student e-mail client

Due to security and technical limitations, it is not possible to set up e-mail forwarding to private e-mail addresses. We recommend adding the student e-mail account to the native e-mail client on your computer or mobile phone.

For more detailed information about working with e-mail, including configuring e-mail clients, please visit:

Students with multiple student numbers have one e-mail account for all student numbers. This mailbox has settings and addresses corresponding to all studies. The primary address is in the format

After passing the state final exam or otherwise completing studies at the University of Ostrava, the e-mail box will be automatically locked and subsequently deleted, just like a student account. Therefore, it is important to secure the data and contacts from the student e-mail account in advance.

Your e-mails from your e-mail account will be sent with the address When communicating with the University, you MUST ALWAYS include your PERSONAL STUDENT NUMBER.

Updated: 07. 02. 2024