E-learning of the University of Ostrava

Moodle is a system for managing education in all forms of study: full-time, distance, and combined.

Students can access Moodle at:

Moodle is a virtual study environment in which you can find courses for the current semester. The courses may contain study instructions, study materials, tests, surveys, correspondence tasks, discussion forums, etc.

To log into Moodle at the University of Ostrava, use your username and password for the network of the University of Ostrava.

The lecturer should inform you that he or she uses Moodle for their seminars. However, it is neither a rule, nor an obligation to manage all subjects in Moodle.

The courses from previous seminars are available in the archive at

Mozilla Firefox is recommended for proper functioning of the Moodle system.

Students can access Moodle on the day following the registration to study and the access is terminated on the day following the completion of the final state examination, or by any other way of study completion.

Updated: 04. 07. 2023