Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Research and educational activities of the University of Ostrava are related to a wide range of medical, natural, pedagogical and social sciences, and humanities. High-quality research teams successfully participate in both national and international projects, and their research results are published in prestigious international journals and presented at international conferences and scientific symposia.

Our research teams reach beyond the borders of pure science engaging in applied research projects tailored to specific, state-, business-, and client-driven purposes, and offering ready-made products and services for commercial use. The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centre of the University of Ostrava (KTTC UO) is here to help researchers present their potential and enhance the social, cultural and economic value of their knowledge and skills.

To maximize the impact of the knowledge generated in the academic environment on the local as well as global society, the Centre focus on the management of intellectual property and on the initiation and development of effective cooperation with a range companies and institutions.


Updated: 25. 01. 2018