Foreign Transcripts

Degree seeking students with academic qualifications earned outside the Czech Republic are required to verify their previous education as part of the application process to be a student in the Czech Republic.

This process is known as nostrification and results in the evaluation and recognition of your prior education.

Secondary Education Qualification

If you intend to apply for a bachelor’s degree and only have completed your Secondary Education, then you must seek nostrification through our local regional authority within the Czech Republic. Please read more at the Moravian-Silesian Region website here:

If you wish to seek the assistance of a local company, we recommend the following

Undergraduate and Graduate Qualifications

The University of Ostrava’s Rectorate is permitted to evaluate foreign qualifications earned at the university level. However, the qualification you earned must be related to a degree offered by the University of Ostrava, otherwise, you would need to seek recognition at a different Czech university.

If your university qualification is similar to something offered by the University of Ostrava you will be asked to submit the following as part of our nostrification process:

  • Application for recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in the Czech Republic
  • Certified copy of diploma
  • Certified copy of transcript
  • Certified translation into Czech of diploma
  • Certified translation into Czech of transcript
  • Payment of 3,000 CZK

Please see the application for more detailed instructions. Mail the completed application packet to the address shown on the application with the label NOSTRIFIKACE.

Updated: 08. 02. 2019