Foreign Transcripts

Recognition of Previous Education

The University of Ostrava may assess foreign academic credentials under the following two situations:

Applicants to the University of Ostrava

The admission process of degree seeking applicants may require the University of Ostrava to assess if you have completed your secondary school education or higher education.

The following documents are required to complete this process:

  1. An Application for The Recognition of Foreign Education
  2. An original or officially certified copy of a certificate of completed foreign secondary education
  3. An original or officially certified copy of a certificate of completed foreign higher education
  4. An original official translation into Czech, Slovak or English of each individual document submitted by the applicant

The University of Ostrava is entitled to instruct applicants to submit the above documents or any additional documents as required to complete the assessment. The University sets a fee of 800 CZK for the procedure.

Please note, this process does not lead to recognition of foreign education (nostrification) and is a process which exclusively serves the purpose of admissions into the University.

Questions may be submitted to .

Recognition of Foreign Higher Education (i.e. nostrification)

For those who are not applying to the University of Ostrava and seek to have their foreign higher education recognized within the Czech Republic, the University of Ostrava’s Rectorate is permitted to evaluate foreign academic credentials.

The qualification earned must be similar to a degree offered by the University of Ostrava, otherwise, you would need to seek recognition at a different Czech university.

If your university qualification is similar to something offered by the University of Ostrava please read our nostrification process:

  1. Application for Recognition of Foreign Higher Education and Qualification in The Czech Republic
  2. The original or certified copy of the diploma, certificate or similar document certifying the completion of studies
  3. The original or an officially certified copy of a list of examinations completed or the Diploma Supplement (e.g., the transcript)
  4. Officially certified translations of all documents into Czech language (with the exception of documents in Slovak or English)
  5. Fee of 3,000 CZK

Please see the application for more detailed instructions. Mail the completed application packet to the address with the label NOSTRIFIKACE.

Updated: 17. 03. 2021