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Sending Your Child to the University of Ostrava?

Studying at the University of Ostrava places one in the middle of everywhere providing the opportunity to travel all over the European continent and discover countries and places one may not have considered visiting.

Ranking of the University of Ostrava

According to the Times Higher Education the University of Ostrava ranks to be among the top centres of excellence and is a growing university star in Central and South Europe. Read more.

Long Tradition of Quality Education

High quality education and research, especially in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. For example, Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in Central Europe.

The University of Ostrava is one of the youngest state universities in the Republic and continues in the tradition of excellence in education. For example, as a research university all our faculty are required to engage in the advancement of their field of knowledge.

Student Life

The University of Ostrava is committed to community engagement and thus the student life at the University of Ostrava offers much to those willing to engage. See what's going on with our students:

The City of Ostrava

The third largest city in the Czech Republic, Ostrava lies in the valley between two mountain ranges which create the Moravian Gate.

Strategically located, Ostrava is a key communication and transportation hub of Northern Moravia and Silesia. See more about Ostrava:

The Moravian-Silesian Region

Ostrava is situated in the beautiful Moravian-Silesian Region with access to mountains for summer and winter sports, many castles and chateaus worth visiting and an inviting European experience. See this video for highlights.

Visit the Moravian-Silesian Region website.

The Czech Republic

Cultural Experience and Fascinating History

According to the website, “Owing to its geographic location, the Czech Republic is situated in the intersection of many cultures. The country's culture was historically formed mainly by Slavonic, German (Austrian) and Jewish influences, which resulted in a rich Central-European cultural heritage and lifestyle.”

Lower Costs of Living

The costs of living in the Czech Republic are not as high as the expenses in Western Europe and the life is thus more affordable.


According to the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is ranked the 9th safest country in the world. Read more about Czech republic and things to see and do in this land of stories.

Updated: 18. 06. 2021