The University of Ostrava has ranked 2nd among Czech young universities

THE Young University Rankings 2021 compare young, up to 50 years old, international universities. Six universities from Czechia were included and the University of Ostrava (UO) has ranked 2nd among them in this prestigious ranking.

The classification of universities considered the quality of education and research, publications, international cooperation and also the success of transfer of research into practice. The University of Ostrava has intensively focused on all these areas in recent years.

The analysis of the ranking company THE monitors 13 performance indicators. In this particular selection it also adjusts them so that they put less emphasis on general reputation of the monitored institutions and reflect more their role in the society. “THE generally belongs to those that try to evaluate the universities multicriterially and look for new strategies in their comparisons. As a result, they do not monitor only who ‘does good research and teaches great’,” commented the prestigious evaluation the Vice-Rector for Research and Creative Activities, Pavel Drozd.

The University of Ostrava has been working on the overall transition of its academic environment for several years which has now been reflected in an excellent position in the ranking of young universities. “The key to achieve high quality is an excellent research because if you do research, you have good projects and internationalisation; the transfer to practice attracts foreign students and partners. This is then reflected in the teaching, it affects the number of doctoral students and staff per student as well as the total income,” the Vice-Rector Drozd mentioned a list of important indicators of evaluation. Thanks to its size and a relative youth, the University of Ostrava is a dynamic university. “Currently, we have been building two new unique workplaces in the city for almost a billion crowns – one is focused on the study of human motion and the second on art. We also try to ensure that the student is not just a number but a great graduate who will be happy to come back to us. What is unique to us, is our active involvement in the life of the city and the region, from which we also have great support,” says Drozd about the atmosphere at the University of Ostrava.

THE Young University Ranking 2021

Source: Times Higher Education: Young University Rankings 2021

The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings list the world’s best universities that are 50 years old or younger.

The table is based on the same 13 performance indicators as the flagship THE World University Rankings, but the weightings have been adjusted to give less weight to reputation.

The universities are judged across all their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook – to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available.

The 2021 ranking includes 475 universities, up from 414 in 2020.

Updated: 15. 07. 2021