Internationalization Strategy

The goal of our University's Strategic Plan in the area of internationalization is to develop internationalization as an integral part of the University of Ostrava's strategic management and anchor the internationalization of teaching and learning into the quality standards to make sure various forms of international experience are available to all students and employees and the related knowledge and skills form part of the University's graduate profile and learning outcomes. The sub-goals of the internationalization strategy aim to develop current activities and offer new opportunities both for international mobility and internationalization at home. The University is seen as a hub of education and a meeting-place for the international academic as well as non-academic community enhancing the region's cohesion and tolerance and promoting a culture of openness among the population as a whole. The University of Ostrava is an active participant in international university networks, and it contributes to the ongoing development and evolution of the European Higher Education Area not only by participating in strategic partnerships but also by building an alliance within the European University Initiative. The University is a socially responsible institution and it actively supports students' and academics' participation in development-related cooperation on the global stage.

Internationalization strategy is one of the Priorities in the Strategic plan of the University of Ostrava 2021–2025 – Priority 4, pp. 24–30.

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Updated: 18. 07. 2022