Mission and Vision

A university with a mission, open to the world, working for the region.

The University of Ostrava is an institution which sees its role in the development of the humanities and medical, science, and artistic fields in the local region, which has been traditionally associated with industrial and technological spheres.

It aims to contribute to solving urgent problems of the Moravia-Silesia Region in social, environmental, and health areas and to shape Ostrava as a truly university town. To this end, it intends to continue using its potential to reflect the identity, culture, and history of the region as well as to cultivate it through artistic creative activities.

The University of Ostrava is ready to bring progressive tendencies of European science and scholarship in the region and to create favourable conditions for internationalist cooperation and a friendly environment for foreign academics and students.

The university strives to be an institution that purposefully promotes quality scientific activities while systematically seeking out new research areas and teams with a potential to achieve excellent results.

The University of Ostrava opens itself to the challenges of contemporary society and develops a responsible, individual approach to a wide variety of students, including specific groups (seniors, socially disadvantaged students, students with special needs), and advocates equal access to education and friendly communication with the public.

Updated: 08. 06. 2021