An Interview with Salvatore Alaimo, the second Fulbright Scholar at the Faculty of Social Studies

Salvator Alaimo was born and raised in New Jersey and has worked in the business and nonprofit sectors, so academia is his third career. He works now in his thirteenth year as a professor at Grand Valley State University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Health Wisdom From Our Students: Impostor Syndrome

Read an article about the impostor syndrome from a student of our Faculty of Medicine.

Czechoslovenia in the Ptuj City Gallery

On November 10, 2022 the opening of the Czechoslovenia exhibition will take place at the Ptuj City Gallery (Galerija města Ptuj) in Slovenia.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava Opens a New Simulation Centre

Although there are no patients in the hospital, it is equipped with beds and the latest medical technology. We are talking about a new training hospital worth more than a quarter of a billion CZK which was inaugurated today by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava. The modern Simulation Centre will prepare both future doctors and medical students.

UO International Summer School 2022

As the summer nears its end and the next academic year and semester begin, read a little bit about the adventures of students, who attended our very first international summer school titled “Entrepreneurship and Creativity for All”.

Health wisdom: Burning facts about sunscreen and why we need SPF protection year-round

We have all heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen during summer, but what about winter? In the article below, I will be debunking some common myths about the use of sunscreen during colder months and why it is important to protect yourself throughout the year.

Scholarship Information for Ukrainian Students

The UO will support new and current students in the wake of the situation in Ukraine.

On 7 March, 2022, the management of the University of Ostrava decided to terminate its cooperation with Russian state universities with immediate effect

This is a response to the statement of the Russian Rectors' Union (similar to the Czech Rectors' Conference), which is not in line with European values, particularly humanity and the promotion of democratic principles. Russian students currently studying at the UO will not be affected by this move.

Help for people affected by the war in Ukraine

On this page, you can find an overview of available information and contacts you can turn to if you need help or would like to get involved.

The University of Ostrava expresses its solidarity with Ukraine

The University of Ostrava has already condemned Russia's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, expressed its solidarity with Ukraine and its people, and joined the statement of the Czech Rectors' Conference on the war in Ukraine.