International Exhibition Project Umgang

Our Faculty of Education is co-organizing an international exhibition Umgang in Košice.

The UO Doctoral School Continues This Academic Year

Click to read more about the UO Doctoral School which continues this year.

International Cooperation in the Shadow of Pandemic and War

Four years ago, the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava (UO) joined forces with partners from different continents. Although the extensive student and staff exchanges between Czechia, Canada, Vietnam and Ukraine were significantly disrupted by the pandemic and the war, the future is promising.

The UO opens the Jacques Rupnik study room. The world-famous political scientist himself has contributed with his book collection

A unique space suitable for studying, but also for educational and social events is located in the University Library building on Bráfova street. The study room also houses over 1500 books donated by the political scientist and historian Jacques Rupnik himself.

Scholarship Information for Ukrainian Students

The UO will support new and current students in the wake of the situation in Ukraine.

On 7 March, 2022, the management of the University of Ostrava decided to terminate its cooperation with Russian state universities with immediate effect

This is a response to the statement of the Russian Rectors' Union (similar to the Czech Rectors' Conference), which is not in line with European values, particularly humanity and the promotion of democratic principles. Russian students currently studying at the UO will not be affected by this move.

Help for people affected by the war in Ukraine

On this page, you can find an overview of available information and contacts you can turn to if you need help or would like to get involved.

The University of Ostrava expresses its solidarity with Ukraine

The University of Ostrava has already condemned Russia's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, expressed its solidarity with Ukraine and its people, and joined the statement of the Czech Rectors' Conference on the war in Ukraine.