New Creative Centre of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Top quality instruments and the most modern digital technologies for students of fine arts.

International Success of UO Researchers

Researchers from the fuzzy institute, Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl, focusing on the artificial intelligence succeeded in two competitions organized by Signate and the Japanese ministry in 2020.

Scholarship information for Belarusian students

The University of Ostrava has decided to support ten Belarusian students with a scholarship. The selected students will get 150,000 CZK in the academic year 2021/22. The scholarship will be paid on monthly basis (15,000 CZK/per month) during ten months from September 2021 to June 2022.

New Doctoral Grant Competition for UO students

The DGC students’ grant competition supports the increase of the quality and efficiency of the scientific, research and artistic work of the PhD students at the University of Ostrava, together with the development of interdisciplinarity of scientific disciplines in doctoral studies, a publication of results and establishment of international cooperation.

COVID-19 testing

Students from COVID-19 high-risk countries are required to show the PCR testing result certificate within 72 hours from their entry into the territory of the Czech Republic.

Quality of Life: Success of Ostrava in the international survey

Ostrava ranks among the European cities with the most noticeable improvement when it comes to the quality of life. 66 % of the respondents said that the quality of life has improved in the city during the past five years which is the third best result out of all the surveyed cities.

COVID-19: Current government and regional regulations

22nd February 2021.

Development of research activities is one of the priorities for the Faculty of Medicine

Application of research activities into the study plan, massive investments in facilities for scientific research, support of the creation of research teams and international mobility, research start-ups, competitions and conferences. What is the Faculty of Medicine doing for its development and stabilization?

UO forest – more than just a wood production

Academic and student’s volunteers planted more than 5,000 trees

Smile! It's not only viruses that are contagious

In addition to volunteering, the University of Ostrava wants to spread some joy with other cities in the region. In the city centres it will remind people of the importance of a smile.

The University of Ostrava among the best world universities for the first time

The University of Ostrava has been ranked among the 1500 best universities in the world. The ranking has been published at the U. S. News website – Best Global Universities Rankings 2021.

Operation of the University of Ostrava Has Been Governed by the University Traffic Light

From 8th September 2020, the operation of the UO has been governed by the University Traffic Light of which colour is currently red, derived from the epidemiological situation in the Ostrava-City District. The individual faculties and workplaces may declare higher alert level or other regulations beyond the recommendations for the current level of risk. Follow the faculty websites and the colour signs of the UO buildings.

Wellbeing in the face of crisis: Tips and Strategies

A professional psychologist Jessica Price has prepared some tips as her personal response in the face of the coronavirus outbreak which our students as well as employees might find useful.

Mental Health (not only) in Times of Pandemic

The closure of schools, shopping centres and restaurants, the cancellation of cultural events, restricted personal contact and movement; the busy schedules of many of us were suddenly replaced by unexpected amount of free time. Instead of clear plans, the insecurity and fears have come. Here you will find some tips on how to take care of your mental and physical well-being and how to manage your free time effectively.

Rector's letter to the students: update on study matters and volunteer activities

Considering the current epidemiological situation and the government’s attitude, we assume that the contact teaching will not be possible till the end of this semester.

Emergency telephone line & help for international students

An emergency line operated by the Centre for International Cooperation UO is available for the international exchange students of the University of Ostrava.

Students of the Faculty of Education are looking after the children of nurses and doctors

The students from the Faculty of Education are helping to look after the children of the University Hospital in Ostrava staff. They are ready to take the day care of the children that cannot attend the school during these days. Individual pedagogical work will take place directly at the children's home.

Protective measures against the coronavirus

Students are instructed to call 112 in the case of health problems.

The university of Ostrava in velvet attire

An overview of events organized during the 30 years of Velvet revolution anniversary

Study at the UO!

The University of Ostrava offers wide range of study programs at 6 faculties. Top quality research-driven education, leading figures in their fields of expertise, individual teacher-to-student approach, young and open-minded spirit and strong emphasis on individual growth of each student are some of the main advantages of the UO that attract students and academics from all over the world.