Help for people affected by the war in Ukraine

On this page, you can find an overview of available information and contacts you can turn to if you need help or would like to get involved. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please contact .

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Naše akce na podporu Ukrajiny


We have announced special scholarship programmes for existing and current students from Ukraine.

Do you need help in a difficult life situation? If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone on weekdays from 9.00 to 15.00 on 00420 553 46 1343. We are here for you!

Do you or your loved ones need accommodation in the Czech Republic?

For the current offer of accommodation capacities of the UO Halls of Residence for Ukrainian students or their relatives, please contact the Head of Accommodation Operations. For emergency accommodation, please contact the Organization for Aid to Refugees.

Do you need psychological support?

Contact the Counseling and Career Centre of the University of Ostrava. You can arrange an appointment or therapy in Czech or English language. They will also advise you with seeking further help in a crisis.

Please note that the capacity of our psychological Counselling Centre is limited and you may be referred to other helping institutions. You can also contact them directly, see below.

List of psychologists (CZ) for those who are seeking psychological help in Ukrainian, Russian or other languages. For immediate intensive psychological help there is a Crisis Centre Ostrava line available in Czech non-stop and in English after prior notice.

Are you a student on a regular study programme in Czech or English and need to deal with matters concerning your studies?

Contact the study department of your relevant faculty. They can, for example, advise you if you need to interrupt your studies.

Are you an exchange student and need to deal with matters concerning your studies?

Contact your faculty coordinator. We are intensely negotiating the form and possibilities of continuing your studies or transferring to the University of Ostrava. You can view our study programme offers. The application deadline is the 15th March, 2022.

Do you require legal counsel?

Contact the University of Ostrava’s legal department regarding visa, asylum and similar matters.

However, Ministry of the Interior recommends extending your visa rather than applying for asylum – the process of extending you visa should be a lot quicker, as asylum is a long-term matter of many months.

Information on visas is summarized on the Czech Ministry of the Interior website.

Ukrainian citizens can currently extend their visa:

  • The standard way, e.g. by applying on the phone line +420 974 801 801
  • If they cannot extend their visa anymore, or if it expires sooner than in 14 days, they can personally apply for a special long-term visa for 1 year at the OAMP (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy) branch of the ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. In Ostrava it is located at the Výstavní street 55. On the matter of what you need to bring please see the information of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Are you a student of our university in acute financial need? Is your scholarship about to end, your family cannot support you from home or have you lost your source of income in Ukraine?

We are preparing a special scholarship programme for Ukrainian students in financial need. Please contact the study department of your faculty for more information.

Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian students affected by the war who need the necessary aid to overcome a difficult situation can apply for one of the emergency aid benefits at the Labour Office of the Czech Republic. Applications are evaluated individually. For more information and assistance, please contact . In case of a critically urgent need, please contact .

Do you or your loved ones need to improve your Czech?

We have prepared intensive Czech language courses for Ukrainian applicants looking to study at the UO as well as informal Czech language tutoring for the Ukrainian public, which are also suitable as a supplement to the intensive courses for applicants. More information and the registration procedure for the Czech for Ukrainians course.

Do you need a part-time job or to find employment for your loved ones?

If you are a full-time student and have residence permit for the purpose of studies, you can work legally. If not, you must have a work permit. You need to visit the OAMP (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy) office – the office in our region is located here – during specified emergency hours and apply for a special long-term visa. Afterwards, it is necessary to make arrangements with your employer and get a work permit at the Labour Office. You can find more information here: CZ / UKR.

Among the job offers on our university portal JobTeaser you can also find job offers for students who are not fluent in Czech. The University of Ostrava is also preparing to offer academic and non-academic positions. Keep an eye on this website, where we will publish more information in the upcoming days.

Do your loved ones need information about staying in the Czech Republic?

All the necessary information regarding a stay in the Czech Republic, including conditions of residence and employment, can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior:

Do you want to get more involved in student life at the University of Ostrava?

Get involved in the organization of cultural and charity events, join student interest groups, or become a member of the student editorial team of the university’s online magazine OU@live and write in Czech or English. Simply let us know at .

You can also find help outside the university:

If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone on weekdays from 9.00 to 15.00 on 00420 553 46 1343. We are here for you!


Supporting students from Ukraine

Would you like to support Ukrainian students financially? The University of Ostrava set up a transparent account for this purpose. You can send your donations to 304566716/0300.

All funds from this account will be used by the University of Ostrava to support its Ukrainian students.

In accordance with the Act No. 586/1992 Coll. on Income Taxes, we will provide donors with a certificate (CZ) of the received donation upon request. If you have any questions regarding the certificate please contact the email:

Other UO long-term activities

An overview of all the activities organized by our university can be found on the website of our Volunteer Centre (CZ).

I want to volunteer

You can find an overview of volunteer positions on our Volunteer Center (CZ only) website.

Other help options

There are many ways to help Ukraine and its people. You can find an overview on the webpage Stojíme za Ukrajinou, where you can find links to organizations through which you can help. You can choose from several ways to help – financially, materially or with your skills and abilities.

You can also offer your help on the Pomáhej Ukrajině website. Just fill in a few basic details including your language skills and type of help.

Do you have your own idea of help?

Did you find any form of help missing here? Do you have an initiative of your own that you want to inform us about? Send an email to  where we can coordinate our help together.

Updated: 31. 03. 2022