Intensive Czech Language Courses for Applicants from Ukraine

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Intensive three-week Czech language courses for Ukrainian students who arrived in the Czech Republic after February 24, 2022 and wish to apply to study at the University of Ostrava and start their programme in September. The classes take three hours every day.

You can apply for the intensive Czech course via this form.

Where the courses will be:

Welcome Centre of the University of Ostrava - Building G, Mlýnská 5, Ostrava. The classrooms will be specified.

When will the courses take place:

April 11 – April 30, 2022
beginners, 2 groups (2x12 students)
May 23 – June 10, 2022
beginners, 2 groups (2x12 students)
June 13 – July 1, 2022
beginners/follow-up course for pre-intermediate students
August 15 - September 2, 2022
beginners/follow-up course for pre-intermediate students
September 5 – September 23, 2022
beginners/follow-up course for pre-intermediate students

Online Czech Language courses for prospective students and the public

Czech for Ukrainians (online course) is an online course on the Moodle platform with video tutorials and other work material necessary for self-study. Lesson topics include basic conversational phrases, finding your way around the city, communication at the bureaus and other offices, visits at the doctor, school and more. The course is designed for both the public and as an extension of the intensive three-week courses for Ukrainian applicants to the Czech programmes at the University of Ostrava.

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You can register to the Czech for Ukrainians (online course) using this form. You will then receive an email with access data to the Moodle platform at the email address you have provided.

The courses are provided by the Department of Czech Language of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava.

Updated: 06. 09. 2022