You have several possibilities where to find the suitable accommodation where you will spend your days full of studying, free time and meeting new friends.

Accommodation provided by the University of Ostrava

Jan Opletal Halls of Residence

The Jan Opletal Halls of Residence, also called Hladnov, is operated by the University of Ostrava. The centre of Ostrava and the most of the faculties can be reached from there within only 10 minutes by trolleybus. The dormitory offers from two to four-bed rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens in the hallways, together with a gym or a “piano room” for the sportsmen and musicians there. For all the students staying there the meal in form of hot breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided for reduced price. Students who are not staying for the summer semester are supposed to leave the dormitories no later than 31 January of the given year.

Accommodation alternatives

Poruba Dormitory

Although the Poruba Dormitory is located a bit further from the city centre and our faculties, around 20 minutes by a tram, it is located in a nice university campus and operated by the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava. You will enjoy the nice surroundings of Poruba district which consists of many parks, shopping and sport centres and you will be in touch mainly with students from our partner university. The dormitory in Poruba is a recommended accommodation choice for students who are assigned to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava due to its location nearby the University Hospital.

Kampus Palace

If you are looking for something modern and right in the city centre, stop here. Kampus Palace, as a private dormitory, offers newly reconstructed rooms with single-bed, double-bed and triple-bed rooms with private bathrooms and kitchen corners. This newly reconstructed building of a former hotel is nearby most of the faculties of the University of Ostrava.

Student Hall of Vista

Located approximately 20 minutes by a tram from the city centre, Student Hall of Vista offers everything needed by a student. Single, double and triple occupancy is offered with an option of the standard or standard plus room. This dormitory is surrounded by nature made for some walking together with the good connection to other parts of Ostrava.

For all the incoming students who would like to experience living completely alone in the city of Ostrava or with other students, there is an option of renting a flat or to find a shared flat usually with an empty room. However, the price for the rent of the whole apartment or one room in a shared flat can vary so take this fact into a consideration.

Updated: 22. 08. 2023