Erasmus Student Network

We are student club, composed from volunteers, and our mission is to help Erasmus students here in Ostrava. With practical stuff like accomodation, transportation, school system, but with fun and social life in Czech Republic as well.


„Younie is a student non profit organization with a longtime tradition. The Younie team has around enthusiastic students who come up with new ideas and then realize them. The members of Younie come both from University of Ostrava and Banska – Technical University Ostrava. They arrange many events to enrich students life in Ostrava. The biggest event of year is Majales. From the other ones we can name for example bloody halloween, students ball, new students welcome party.

Dorm radio, online radio which plays at dorms in Poruba, and Minigolf, entertaiment area which is also located at Poruba dorms, are both part of the Younie as well.

Everybody can find their thing at Younie. It doesnt matter that you do not have many experiences, we will show you everything! So do not hesitate and contact us.“

Updated: 09. 06. 2021