Grading System

Whether you are a student from one of the EU countries or not, the grading system can be a bit challenging from the start. You can get a slight notion from the following table about how to get your precious and hard earned credits. We use the ECTS Grade scale system.

The grading system is evaluated on a six-point scale; letter and numerical grades are given. Grades are given for examination results and for meeting course requirements. Courses without examinations are labeled "Zápočet".

PointsLetter Grade ECTS ScaleNumerical ScaleVerbal GradeCourse Requirements Met – "Zápočet”
91 – 100A1ExcellentPass – "Započteno”
81 – 90B1.5Very good plus
71 – 80C2Very good
61 – 70D2.5Good plus
51 – 60E3Good
0 – 50F4FailFail – "Nezapočteno”

Updated: 05. 10. 2020