Cost of Living

The Czech Republic in general and the city of Ostrava boasts one of the lowest costs of living compared to the rest of Europe.

Your lifestyle and financial management skills will ultimately determine how much you need per month to survive and thrive at the University of Ostrava, students ought to have between 300€ and 450€ per month to cover all major expenses (food, accommodation and transportation). The recommended amount is 400€ per month.

The cost of our Jan Opletal Halls of Residence is listed on their price list.

To discover the true culture and the way of living of a particular country is not possible if you have your nose in the books all the time. This can be found only outside of your room and because every fun costs something, check out the following list with the approximate prices for activities to do in your free time together with other expenses which you will encounter while staying here for some time.

  • Movie ticket: 8€
  • Theatre ticket: 12€
  • Beer: 2€
  • Lunch at the restaurant: 6–12€
  • Coffee at café: 3,5€
  • Haircut: 10–20€
  • 3-month public transit pass around Ostrava: 26€

Cost of Living

Updated: 20. 02. 2023