Our Region

The region containing Ostrava has the 2nd largest population in the Czechia, and is perfectly situated near beautiful mountain ranges and natural sites, near the border of Poland and Slovakia with easy access to some of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. Ostrava is a “university city” with over 10% of its population being students, and is famous for its vibrant nightlife. It is often described as a city with harsh industrial history but young-spirited and poetic present. It offers a rich array and some of Europe’s best cultural sights and events to suit anyone’s tastes. Thanks to its unique theatres, art galleries, clubs and cafés and well cultivated public greenery on top of being an oportunity for lot of outdoor activities (e.g. hiking and cycling trails in the picturesque Beskydy mountain range), Ostrava is simply not something to be described—but to be experienced. Visit us and meet a green city with a black soul!

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Updated: 14. 02. 2022