Visa & Health Insurance


EU citizens (or citizens of the Schengen Area) do not need a visa to study in the Czech Republic. They only need a valid passport or another equivalent ID.

Non EU-citizens who wish to study in the Czech Republic are required to obtain their visa before arriving in the Czech Republic.

There are three types of visa to apply for:

  • Schengen (short-stay) visa for study or scientific research for up to 90 days.
  • Long-term visa for stays exceeding 90 days (i.e. an exchange student). The long-term visa process can exceed 60 days, therefore make sure to make the visa appointment as soon as possible to lodge your visa application.
  • Long-term residence permit for the purpose of study for citizens of the so-called third countries who will study one of the university degree programs (usually for longer than one year) in the Czech Republic.
  • Visa Application requirements for residents of non-Schengen countries
  • List of Czech Embassies abroad

Documents provided by UO to successful candidates:

  • Decision on Admission (Acceptance Letter).
  • Proof of Accommodation in Student Dormitories (provided by UO in case a student applies to J. Opletal Halls of Residence).

For full information about the students' visa application process please go to the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic or contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country according to the Embassy list above.

Health Insurance

Each student is responsible for purchasing health insurance for the entire stay in the Czech Republic.

EU citizens

Students who are citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein should ask their home insurance company to provide them with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles them to essential healthcare. It is highly recommended that these citizens arrange additional commercial insurance. Others (citizens without EHIC) should purchase appropriate insurance.

Non EU-citizens

Students who are not the European Union citizens must have valid travel medical insurance which covers the entire stay in the Czech Republic. The agreed insurance benefit limit for one insurance event must be at least EUR 60 000, that being without  insurance retention on the amount of the given costs.

The travel medical insurance must be contracted with a company authorized to provide insurance services in the Czech Republic. Such companies in the Czech Republic are: Pojišťovna VZP, Slavia, UNIQA and others.

New medical insurance requirements for incoming students/academics from third countries staying longer than 90 days

From August 2, 2021, all third country* nationals staying in the Czech Republic longer than 90 days, must contract a comprehensive health insurance only with the state insurance company Pojišťovna VZP. Please have a look at the links below for more information.

* A third country national is a citizen of a state that is not a member of the EU nor a citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

Updated: 04. 05. 2022