Alliance of Centres for International Relations

The University of Ostrava, like other public higher education institutions, is making efforts to support internationalization activities. Internationalization should be perceived as a transformation of the whole institution, and should be beneficial at individual, institutional and social levels. In this way, International Offices, in their various organizational structures, contribute greatly to the development of an internationally suited university culture.

The most visible and most frequently used indicator of the internationalization of higher education is student mobility - it is also one of the indicators for calculating the K coefficient within the budget of public universities. Mobility of students, especially those carried out under the Erasmus + program, is a relatively good agenda at all universities. Otherwise, it is in other areas, such as self-paying for selected fields, joint / double degree programs, increasing the number of foreign teachers, developing international marketing, etc., where there are bigger differences in the experience of individual HEIs.

Therefore, in 2016, the University of Ostrava initiated regular meetings of leading university representatives that deal with the issue of internationalization and thus emerged the Alliance of Centers for International Relations (26). Meeting twice a year, the alliance focuses on sharing experiences and examples of good practice on a chosen topic.

Updated: 13. 12. 2017