Microsoft 365

Free Office Bundle for Students

Microsoft 365 is a set of applications and cloud services provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft 365 platform is available at: As part of the Microsoft 365 cloud services, you have the option of using online Office applications running in the Internet stream into Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Within Microsoft 365, you also have the option of setting up your current Office365 office suite on 5 end devices, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Outlook. Installation is available for Windows, MacOS operating systems as well as for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Microsoft 365 includes the Microsoft Teams platform, which enables text communication, video calls, data storage, and teamwork. You can log in to Microsoft Teams through a browser by entering the address:

Our university uses a number of Microsoft products. Thanks to this, you can use selected Microsoft 365 applications and services for free, for the entire period of your regular studies at our university. Upon completion of your studies, licenses will be automatically revoked and you will lose your right to Microsoft products, including the data contained therein.

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After passing the state final exam, or at any termination or interruption of studies, the university Microsoft 365 account is blocked. Blocking the account will remove the user's assigned license and access to all available Microsoft services 365. All user data, except locally stored data, will be deleted. We strongly recommend that you back up all data before blocking your account.

Microsoft 365 is operated by Microsoft, and by using Microsoft 365, you agree to be bound by all of the terms defined by Microsoft. Scope of user support by CIT OU is limited.

You can request the establishment of an account exclusively electronically, via the application on the Portal of the University of Ostrava. The application includes help and a simple manual. There, after activation, you can also change or reset the password in case you forget it.

You can contact support at: or .

Updated: 04. 07. 2023