Wi-Fi: Wireless Networks of the University of Ostrava


You can connect to this wireless network at any time. The same network is also used in other Czech and foreign universities on contractual basis, so eduroam is not only available at the University of Ostrava.

Before first use, read the instructions for connection, particularly the correct form of the username and creating a special password for connecting to this network.

The instructions and other information are available at eduroam.osu.cz.

The Centre for Information Technology recommends using eduroam.


Osu-simple is a restricted auxiliary network. It is primarily accessible to UO guests or guests staying at the dormitories. You can log into the network via CaptivePortal where you enter a voucher code issued by technicians in the individual buildings or by the dormitory administration for a limited time period. If content encryption is not provided by other means (e.g. HTTPS), the transferred data is not encrypted.

Internet Connection at Hladnov Dormitories:

Computers can be connected to the Internet network at the dormitories of the University of Ostrava in Hladnov (Wi-Fi or wired).

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Updated: 04. 07. 2023