User Account within the University Network

Each student is assigned a personal student number for each field of study. And a user account for the university network is created for each such personal student number.

The student account is used to log in to the Novell network - i.e. Portal, E-mail and Moodle. A student who studies more than one field of study has more personal study numbers and has account for each study number.

The personal student number is used as a username for the account in the network of the University of Ostrava, e.g.: A23123. When the account is created, the password is set to be x + birth certificate number (e.g. x0311221234). In case when pseudobirthcode is assigned to the student, the password is set to be x + pseudobirthcode (e.g. x03112212AB).

The password has to be changed for security reasons. We recommend changing the password as soon as possible via the Portal.

(Portal > My Homepage > Change Password)

The password must be changed separately for each student account, as there is no link between these accounts. Each student account is automatically created within one day from the day of enrolment in the study.

In case of study recess or completion, the account is automatically blocked and then deleted. The completion of study is the date recorded by the study clerk into the student agenda. This occurs, for example, when the final state examination is passed, or by some other way of study completion.

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Updated: 04. 07. 2023