Portal of the University of Ostrava

The Portal is an information system used for publishing information for students and employees of the University of Ostrava. It also serves as a gate to some other internal information systems.

At the homepage of the Portal, there are links to schedule documents, student and employee mail, and other systems. The user name (user ID) and password for logging into the Portal are the same as for the network of the University of Ostrava, study agenda and student's email.

Students can access the Portal of the University of Ostrava on the day following the registration to study and the access is terminated after the completion of the final state examination, or by any other method of study completion.

Functions of the Portal of the University of Ostrava


(Portal > My Homepage > Helpdesk)

Reporting failures concerning information systems.


(Portal > My Homepage > Study)

Confirmation of study, decision on the accommodation grant.

Electronic Index

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Electronic Index)

Information about the student, schedule, exams, marks etc.


(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Visualization)

Visualization of the student's study plan - shows the specific study plan of the student, including the marking of already completed courses.


(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Scholarships)

Change in personal data (personal email address, bank account etc.), monitoring the status of liabilities and receivables towards the school, list of studies at schools in the Czech Republic, filings and monitoring scholarship application statuses.

Electronic Registration in the Academic Year

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Electronic Registration in the Academic Year)

Registration of the student in the academic year.


(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Pre-registration)

Registration and writing-off individual schedule subject events.

Registration for Exams

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Registration for Exams)

List of all available exam dates, registrations and registration cancellation.

Study Materials

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Study Materials)

Study materials for registered subjects.


(Portal > Information Systems > VŠKP Database)

Database of university qualification works, register of bachelor, diploma, doctoral works, DIPL manual, rector's directive, templates.

University Dormitories

(Portal > Operation and Services > University Dormitories)

Information about accommodation, rent, electronic application for accommodation, staff, information about Internet connection at the dormitories.


(Portal > Documents)

Study and examination regulations, regulatory standards – rector's directive, questor's directive, faculty documents – dean's directives etc.

Seminar Works

(Portal > My Homepage > Study – Seminar Works)

Signing up for topics and electronic submission of the work, submitted works are compared with works archived at odevzdej.cz.

Student Applications

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Student Applications)

Applications for study recess, delayed enrolment, appeals against decisions about tuition, etc.

Faculty Websites

(Portal > Faculties and Institutes > Faculty Selection)

News and information about individual faculties.

Quality Assessment

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Quality Assessment)

Assessment of the quality of education at the University of Ostrava.

Education Quality Results

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Education Quality Results)

Results of the assessment of the quality of education.


(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Plagiarism)

Monitoring the course of checks of qualification works by the system at theses.cz that compares the submitted qualification works and looks for similar or identical parts of text.

ECTS Departures/Arrivals

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > ECTS Departures/Arrivals)

Arrivals of students from abroad, departures of students going abroad.

Electronic Wallet – Central Payment System (CUS)

(Portal > My Homepage > Study > Personal Information > Information about Student > CUS)

Available CUS account balance and history, adding funds to your account, monthly billing.

STAG (Study Agenda Information System)

The information system for study registers all important data regarding the study at the University of Ostrava and as such is one of the most important information systems in operation at the University of Ostrava.

Content of the information system:

Important data about students (personal data, subjects, acquired credits and marks, examinations and other), information about study programmes, fields of study, plans, and subjects.

Information about workplaces (faculties, departments, institutes), information about admissions.

Evaluation – evaluation of the quality of education and other data required for the operation of the information system.

The system is accessible via web interface at portal.osu.cz.

Functions accessible by students:

Electronic student index, pre-registration (selection of subjects that the student will study), registration for examinations, evaluation, visualization of studies, seminar papers, ECTS mobility (Erasmus+), browsing (subject syllabi, information about study plans, programmes and fields of study).

Students are required to use STAG for pre-registration and registration of examinations. Students who study more than one programme have several personal student numbers and thus several user accounts.

Updated: 04. 07. 2023