OU AID Mobility Programme – Go Help to Developing Countries!

To support internationalization and to fulfill the third role abroad, the University of Ostrava offers to its students a mobility programme called OU Aid which is focused on achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries.

Via the university programme OU AID, the students of the University of Ostrava can go abroad to a foreign institution in a developing country where they perform volunteer activities.

The student's mobility must be at least 28 days long (+ 2 days of travel) and is carried out in collaboration either with an External Partner or in a Group Led by an Academic. Financial support for the programme is provided up to 100% of the estimated costs related to the mobility. The mobility can be realized in the bachelor's, master's, as well as doctoral degrees of study.

Partner Institution Mobility

In collaboration with an external partner, the UO students can go to African or Asian countries. An external partner is a foreign institution which cooperates with the University of Ostrava within the OU Aid mobility programme. The partner institution offers the UO students the possibility to join volunteer activities within the institution and, at the same time, provides the students with the accommodation and in most cases also with meals. Partner institutions state their requirements for any special skills of the UO students in the “Partner Cards”, in which they also specify other information about the mobility (volunteer activities, mobility date, maximum number of UO students going on a mobility at the same time, etc.).

How can you sign up?

  • The call for the selection procedure is announced twice a year – usually in November and May. You will be informed about this via e-mail.
  • Applications together with the Partner Cards, the call, and the conditions of the selection procedure are published at the UO Portal in the “Offers for students and employees” section.
  • Choose the partner institution you want to go to.
  • Before submitting the application, we recommend you to arrange a consultation with the OU Aid programme coordinator (Centre for International Cooperation) to get more information about the selected partner institution.
  • Send the application to the Centre for International Cooperation.
  • You will be informed about the results of the selection procedure by the end of January if you participated in the November call and by the end of June if you participated in the May call.

For more information, please, contact the Centre for International Cooperation.

Updated: 22. 03. 2024