Take part in the Erasmus+ programme with the University of Ostrava

Within the Erasmus+ programme, you can take part in a student mobility for studies at a foreign university institution for the period of 3-12 months. Another option is to undergo a traineeship in a foreign institution or organisation for a period of 2-12 months.

You can travel to all EU countries, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Mobilities in other countries are also marginally available (you can get the current information from your faculty coordinator).

How can you sign up?

  • Your main guides and assistants will be Erasmus+ faculty and department coordinators.
  • Visit events such as Go Abroad Festival or Mobility Day, where you can get more detailed information about the programme and hear about the experience of your colleagues who already participated in Erasmus+.
  • Choose the university to which you want to travel. The list of universities with which your faculty has an agreement is available on your faculty’s web page in the section ‘Mezinárodní spolupráce’. Check that your selected university offers subjects related to your study programme and that the language level of the studies corresponds to your competences.
  • Find an institution in which you can undertake a traineeship. You can be inspired by your colleagues, teachers’ recommendations, or individually approach an organisation that allows you to undertake the traineeship in your study field.
  • The results achieved during your mobility will be recorded in your Diploma Supplement.
  • For more information, please contact your faculty of department coordinator. You can find the contacts here.

Updated: 26. 10. 2021