Card Validity

Extending the Validity of Identity Cards

The validity of Student identity cards, Special Cards of the Faculty of Medicine and Lifelong Learning Participant's Cards ends only after the completion of studies at the university, so there is no need to extend their validity.

An exception is ISIC cards. Within the University of Ostrava, it is valid only in the academic year in which the ISIC card was issued or when its validity was extended. In addition, the ISIC license for the application of the discount program is valid until the end of the calendar year after the end of the academic year.

Cards can be extended in the Card Centre (Building IT - Bráfova 5).

The fee for the extension of the ISIC card is CZK 260.

The following is required for the extension of the card: registration for the following academic year (it is not possible to extend the validity of the card without the registration), sufficient funds in the “electronic wallet” and the card to be extended.

The payment for the extension of the ISIC card is also done via the “electronic wallet”, see the CUS chapter.

If you are not able to arrange an extension of validity in September, you may do so later. However, an ISIC card that has not been extended will no longer apply at the University of Ostrava after 1 October 2023.

More detailed information and current business hours of the Card Centre are available at:

Updated: 04. 07. 2023