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Application Procedure - Erasmus programme

STEP 1: Contact the Erasmus Coordinator of your home university

If you are interested in spending a semester or two as an exchange student at the University of Ostrava, first you should contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution. If there is a bilateral agreement under the LLP/Erasmus Programme signed between your home university and a Faculty of the University of Ostrava.

STEP 2: Contact the Erasmus Faculty Coordinator of the University of Ostrava

If you are chosen as an exchange student, get in touch with the Erasmus Faculty Coordinator:

Kindly note that the application procedure must be done before the deadlines listed below. Unfortunately the placement in the programme and accommodation cannot be guaranteed after these deadlines:

  • 31th May for the winter semester
  • 31th October for the summer semester

STEP 3: Wait for your confirmed documents

You will receive the confirmed documents and will be provided with other relevant information concerning your studies, including detailed information on your chosen courses, information on travel possibilities, medical insurance, visa requirements ect.

STEP 4: Get in touch with your Buddy before the arrival

The International Student Club of University of Ostrava runs Buddy Programme that means that a Buddy student will be arranged for you. He/she will try to make your arrival and settling down in Ostrava as easy as possible. It is important to inform the International Student Club in advance about your exact arrival time in Ostrava, so that the details about your pick-up can be specified. It is recommended to come to Ostrava on a weekday (Monday to Friday). A week before the term´s beginning there is always an Orientation week for Erasmus students organized by our International Student Club. For detailed information about the club, please click isc.osu.eu

STEP 5: The big day – your arrival in Ostrava

On your day of arrival you will be met by your Buddy. He/she will help you to reach your accommodation, deal with the very first formalities required in the student halls of residence and assist you in finding your way to the Faculty building, International Relations Office and will familiarise you with your new academic environment. He/she will also provide you with further instructions on how to get a Student Identification Card, access to the University Library, dining halls, computer rooms ect.

STEP 6: Come and meet your Erasmus Faculty Coordinator and Departmental Coordinator

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