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About University of Ostrava

About University of Ostrava

Located in the attractive city centre, the University of Ostrava (UO) with over 10,000 students offers a very high quality level of education and research in humanities, social and natural sciences, medicine, health studies and fine arts. UO provides a rich, highly cultured education to students from all around the world. UO courses provide wide range of bachelor's, master's and PhD programmes. As well as being dynamic and intellectually challenging, UO also offers international environment in which to study, with the university campus spread mostly throughout the old city centre, providing a beautiful and stimulating environment to contemplate the living arts and sciences. Teaching at UO is research-driven, and its programmes are often taught by active researchers. Three excedent reasons to study at UO include its leading figures in their fields of expertise, individual student to teacher approach and the city of Ostrava itself.

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About Region Ostrava

About our region

The region containing Ostrava has the 2nd largest population in the Czech Republic, and is perfectly situated near beautiful mountain ranges and natural sites, near the border of Poland and Slovakia with easy access to some of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. Ostrava is a “university city” with over 10% of its population being students, and is famous for its vibrant nightlife. It is often described as a city with harsh industrial history but young-spirited and poetic present. It offers a rich array and some of Europe’s best cultural sights and events to suit anyone’s tastes. Thanks to its unique theatres, art galleries, clubs and cafés and well cultivated public greenery on top of being an oportunity for lot of outdoor activities (e.g. hiking and cycling trails in the picturesque Beskydy mountain range), Ostrava is simply not something to be described—but to be experienced. Visit us and meet a green city with a black soul!

About Czech Republic

About the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe that borders the countries of Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia. Often called a „Heart of Europe“, Czech Republic is strategically located along some of the oldest land routes in Europe, with the well-known „Amber Road“ from the Baltic sea to the civilization centres around the Mediterranean Sea. The geography of Czech Republic consists of beautiful rolling hills, deep forests and fertile plains. After a complicated history and a long time under communist regime, after the Velvet revolution the Czech Republic and its people have worked hard to become a country with highly-developed economy, proud on its rich cultural heritage and based on a robust democratic tradition. Culture, education and regional traditions as well as good humour and both nightlife (with the best beer in the world!) and outdoor adventures play an important role in Czech Republic.

Why study at the University of Ostrava

Why study at the University of Ostrava

  • Top quality research-driven education
  • Leading figures in their fields of expertise
  • Individual teacher-to-student approach
  • A wide variety of study fields
  • Young, fresh, modern, open-minded spirit
  • Strong emphasis on individual growth
  • Flexibility and responsiveness due to the small size and youthful vigour of our university
  • Emphasis on the 3rd role of the university – to act as local community leaders
  • Great space for both students and academicians‘ supplementary activities
  • The lively and poetic atmosphere of the formerly industrial city of Ostrava