List of Erasmus Faculty Coordinators

For over 30 years, the EU has funded the Erasmus programme, which has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organisation in Europe.

In order gain admission into the University of Ostrava as an ERASMUS+ exchange student, please follow the steps below.

Application Procedure

STEP ONE: Contact your home university’s International Relations Officer

If you are interested in studying and living in the Czech Republic and you wish to spend a semester or two as an exchange student at the University of Ostrava, first you should contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator or International Relations Officer at your home institution. If there is an Inter-institutional agreement under the Erasmus+ Programme signed between your home university and the University of Ostrava, you can be chosen as an exchange student.

YOUR NOMINATION HAS TO BE SENT TO US BY YOUR HOME UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBLE PERSON (e.g. Erasmus+ Coordinator or International Relations Officer)!

Nomination deadlines
Winter semester
May 15 (visa students)
June 15 (non-visa students)
Summer semester
October 15 (visa students)
October 31 (non-visa students)

Once we receive the nomination for your Erasmus+ stay, one of our Erasmus Faculty Coordinators will provide you with detailed instructions by e-mail.

STEP TWO: Send application documents

You are required to register on the University website via the Application ECTS – Incoming short-term student visits and complete the LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR STUDIES.

The University of Ostrava is connected to Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) so we can exchange and sign your Learning Agreement via EWP. If you encounter any problems during this step, please do not hesitate to contact the Erasmus Faculty Coordinator.

If your home university is connected to EWP (check with your home coordinator), please complete and sign your Learning Agreement first via your home university system (e.g. OLA). Once your LA is sent to our system, you should receive a notification email. After that, please fill in the student application on the ECTS ARRIVALS page using the link which was automatically sent to you and the same email address to which the link was sent.

If your home university is NOT connected to EWP, please first fill in the Application ECTS – Incoming short-term student visits and then complete the LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR STUDIES and return it to your Erasmus Faculty Coordinator via e-mail.

Kindly note that all documents must be sent before the deadlines listed below. Unfortunately, accommodation cannot be guaranteed if you apply after these deadlines:

Application deadlines
Winter semester
May 31 (visa students)
June 30 (non-visa students)
Summer semester
October 31 (visa students)
November 15 (non-visa students)

The University of Ostrava Fact Sheet (see below) and the Course Catalogue are prepared for you. If you need help with choosing courses when filling in your Learning Agreement for Studies, please do not hesitate to contact your Erasmus Faculty Coordinator.

STEP THREE: Wait for your Letter of Acceptance, get more info on travel possibilities, medical insurance and visa requirements

After processing of your application documents, you will receive an official Letter of Acceptance provided by an Erasmus Faculty Coordinator. In addition to the Letter of Acceptance, you will receive all other relevant information concerning your studies at the University of Ostrava including detailed information on your chosen courses.

Visa requirements can be found at or Please, always check the current conditions on the web site of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and contact the nearest Czech embassy for updated and complete information. If you need a visa to enter the Czech Republic, please note that the visa process can take up to 2 months.

Carefully choose your health insurance. Each student is responsible for purchasing health insurance for the entire time of the stay in the Czech Republic.

If you need assistance you can contact an Erasmus Faculty Coordinator.

STEP FOUR: The big day – your arrival in Ostrava

It is absolutely essential that you inform the International Relations Officer in advance about your exact arrival time in Ostrava, so that the details about your pick-up can be specified. There is an Erasmus Student Network of the University of Ostrava (ESN Ostravska) for you to make your arrival and settling down in Ostrava as easy as possible. ESN Ostravska also runs a Buddy Programme which will arrange a Buddy for you. It is necessary to contact them well in advance (at least 3 weeks before arrival).

On your day of arrival, you will be met by the ESN Ostravska either at the Ostrava Main Railway Station or the Ostrava Central Bus Station, depending on your choice. Our Student Buddies will help you to reach your accommodation, deal with the very first formalities required by the manager of the student halls of residence and assist you in finding your way to the International Relations Office Desk. For detailed information about ESN Ostravska, please visit

STEP FIVE: Register at the International Relations Office Desk

After getting acquainted with your accommodation and getting an idea of your surroundings, you should register at the International Relations Office (IRO) of your Faculty.

You will be required to submit the following documents:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • 2 passport photos

The Staff of the IRO will provide you with further instructions on how to get a Student Identification Card, access to the University Library, dining halls and computer rooms. Your Buddy (Student Tutor) will show you around the Faculty building and its surroundings, and will familiarise you with your new academic environment.

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Updated: 18. 04. 2024