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Degree Programme: Specializzazione in sanita pubblica

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 3 years

Form of Study: Full-time


This 3-year Bachelor's degree in full-time form of study prepares graduates for professional physiotherapist. Bachelor's degree is awarded. During the first year curriculum consists mainly of theoretical courses (e.g. Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics). Second and third year of study includes training courses, practical training which profiled graduate. In the course of study students pass at least 1600 hours of practical training and practice procedures such as physiotherapy in traumatology, neurology, of physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, and balneology.

Graduate Profile and Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the programme Physiotherapy are qualified medical specialists, who are competent to carry out medical and non-medical professions related to the field of health care providing. Graduates are specialists, who are able to solve a particular problem of health, prevention, education and providing remedial intervention. They assess the current health condition of a patient through examination, set a range of functional restrictions of the locomotor system and suggest an adequate treatment. They provide physiotherapeutic care through physical therapy, motion therapy and specific physiotherapeutic methods and tools. They evaluate results of the treatment and effectiveness of the therapy. They are qualified to carry out professions in healthcare facilities (hospitals, rehabilitation centres, spas ecc.) and in facilities for health support and prevention (senior´s houses, public facilities for health prevention, fitness centres ecc.).

Language of Instruction: Italian

Minimum Credit Requirements: 180 ECTS

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