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Preparation and publication of an edition of memoirs of Ing. Jan Kubla (1859?1940), a significant personality of economic, social and cultural life in Ostrava
Project IdSGS14/FF-MF/2022
Main solverprof. PhDr. Aleš Zářický, Ph.D.
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationJan Kubla was an important figure in Czech economic, social and cultural life in Ostrava. In addition to his business, he worked in a number of associations (not least in the areas of willing theatre, education and sports). At the end of his life, he wrote his memories in the form of a "street guide" (a kind of guided tour of the city) : although it suffers from the ailments of a narrative source, they are of no significant value for knowing the everyday life of an industrialized city at the turn of the era. Two copies have been preserved showing obvious formal (partly content) differentiations. In stage 1, both copies will be compared. The aim of stage 2 will be to prepare a text of a complex nature according to the edition rules, take into account the nuances outlined above and supplement it with note-by-view apparatus, edition notes, conclusions, registers, etc. Independently of editorial work, an initial study must be carried out (it will place memories in a wider historical and social context). In stage 3 of the research, which can be initiated after the combination of both texts, historical image material (FF OU) will be processed and prepared for publication and supplemented or more widely iconographically compared with the current state of affairs (FU OU). The aim of stage 4 will be to prepare a print matrix of the book, to publish it in a reputable publishing house, which will ensure its corresponding distribution. For students of the FF and FU OU, the project offers a wide application of acquired knowledge and skills in the field of source and literary heuristics and comparatives, prosopography (biography), topography, photo documentation, typography and book design.