New Doctoral Grant Competition for UO students

The aim of the grant competition is higher quality of scientific & research training

The DGC students’ grant competition supports the increase of the quality and efficiency of the scientific, research and artistic work of the PhD students at the University of Ostrava, together with the development of interdisciplinarity of scientific disciplines in doctoral studies, a publication of results and establishment of international cooperation.

The competition aims to improve the preparation of the postgraduate students of the University of Ostrava for scientific and research activities focusing not only on supporting the quality of research outputs but also on increasing students' competencies in the process of obtaining and successfully solving grant projects, project management and language competences.

Calls with the allocation and a schedule of the current round of the competition are announced by the Rector of the UO in accordance with the internal measures to the rules of the students’ grant competition DGC.

More information about the competition is available on this SharePoint where you can find all the necessary documents in English as well.

Updated: 04. 02. 2021