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START-UP grant

Quantitative Onomastics: Starting Points, Concepts, Applications
Project IdGA22-09310S
Main solverdoc. Mgr. Jaroslav David, Ph.D.
Period1/2022 - 12/2024
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe project will focus on the theoretical and practical possibilities of quantitative onomastics, these being new disciplines which are aimed at mathematically based research into the area of proper names. The project focuses, in the theoretical areas, on incorporation of proper names into the context of general linguistic diversification tendencies and into research into proper names from a diachronic perspective by means of Piotrowski?s law. The verification and utilization of the theoretical conclusions and methods focus on the quantification of the dynamics in developing onymic areas (for example, literary onomastics, as well the linking of onomastics and critical analysis of discourse). Attention is also paid to the role of proper names in contemporary social-political contexts. In terms of methodology, the project is based on corpus research, making use for its realization of a wide range of available tools and collections of texts, first and foremost from the Czech National Corpus. The basic types of scholarly approaches are frequency, stylometric and collocation analysis.