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START-UP grant

Theater forum as a tool for pupils' reflection on the issue of cyberbullying
Project IdSGS01/PdF/2021
Main solverPhDr. Hana Cisovská, Ph.D.
Period1/2021 - 12/2021
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe intended research project deals with the issue of the dangers of using social networks, which is, as the report on the Crime Prevention Strategy of the Statutory City of Ostrava for 2017-2021 or the document Strategy of Educational Policy of the Czech Republic until 2030+ (Fryč et al., 2020) primary prevention in schools. The theme of cyberbullying, as a form of oppression, is the project using the Forum Theater technique, one of the many techniques of the August Boal Theater of the Oppressed, based on the ideas of Paul Freire's pedagogy, the so-called awareness-raising pedagogy. The primary prevention program, in the form of the Forum Theater, is intended for older school-age pupils who are a research unit of research. The aim of the intended research is to find out, through the forum theater model, how pupils reflect on the issue of cyberbullying and how they transfer the acquired knowledge into their own behavior on social networks in everyday life. The proposed research plan is based on the design of critical research based on capturing changes in the behavior of individuals. Data collection methods will be group interviews and focus groups, audio / video recordings, participatory observation, unstructured and semi-structured observation, and document content analysis. The analysis of qualitative data will be based on a realistic approach to data analysis.