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START-UP grant

Inclusive Senior Education through Virtual U3A
Project Id2017-1-CZ01-KA204-035438
Main solverIng. Zdeňka Telnarová, Ph.D.
Period10/2017 - 8/2020
ProviderOddělení popularizace, Erasmus+
Anotationhe project objective is to make education accessible to as wide group of seniors as possible by eliminating barriers and adapting the educational activities to the needs of seniors. This means making it possible for the seniors to learn independent of their place of living, current health condition, financial possibilities, or family or social status. The main reason for this project submission is an effort to take advantage of our project partners? experience with inclusive education of seniors, to create a common methodology stemming from the experience with education of seniors, and to implement it. An inseparable part of the methodology will be active participation of the seniors into preparation and implementation of educational activities as well as engagement of young generation into the education of seniors. The project is submitted as international in order to analyse procedures in the partner countries, to discuss advantages and disadvantages of individual procedures, and to find a common methodology of inclusive education of seniors based on examples of good practice, perhaps with recpect to national particularity.