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Internal Grant Competition DGC

The Literary Summer School: The Development of the Language Skills in the Field of the Literary Translation
Project IdAktion66p7
Main solverMgr. Martin Mostýn, Ph.D.
Periodr7/2013 - 7/2013
AnotationThe goal of the Summer School is the improvement in the linguistic skills focusing on literary translation with an emphasis on understanding written text and text analysis. The original texts are mostly prosaic works chosen from contemporary Czech and Austrian prose. The focus of the course is the improvement in the translation skills (above all the text analysis skills) together with the acquirement of various translation-metodological approaches. The course is accompanied by lectures given by internationally respected specialists and translators. An essential part of the course is reading texts written by Czech and Austrian writers.Not only the visits of important institutions and remarkable sights, but also the place where the Summer School is organised, situated near the frontier between the two states, contribute to a better understanding the cultural background of both the EU-countries.