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SETIP - Senior Education and TRaining Internet Platform
Project Id141981-LLP-2008-CZ-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Main solverIng. Zdeňka Telnarová, Ph.D.
Period10/2008 - 9/2010
ProviderKatedra informatiky a počítačů, Gruntvig
AnotationThe fundamental goal of this project was to exchange information about education of seniors of the third age (SET in the following text) infour partnership countries. The partners of the project focused on typical forms of organizing lifelong education in their countries. To fulfil this aim, the partners created original questionnaire applicable in the field of SET, processed analyses of previous researchers in this field, analyses of senior´s expectations (SET), analyses of offers for senior´s education and they proposed conclusions and recommendations, which should be, or could be applied from all-society point of view within each country taking part in the project by people who create politics.