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Mental Map of the Czech Silesia. Consciousness of the Silesian Identity.
Project IdGA403/98/0642
Main solverdoc. PaedDr. Jana Raclavská, Ph.D.
Period1/1998 - 12/2000
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
AnotationThe Czech Republic consists of three historical parts : Bohemia, Moravia and small part of Silesia. The third one was administratively joined to larger Moravia from the 1929. Name of Silesia even disappeared in 1949 under name of Ostrava Region and later(1961) North- Moravian Region. Some efforts for revival of the old Silesian identity have been appeared after 1989 with connection of work aimed to new administrative division of the Czech Republic. Nobody knows how intensive is the Silesian nationality among population of this historical region, where are so much newcomers (western part of the Czech Silesia belonged to Sudetenland and German inhabitants were expelled from here after 1945 - eastern part of the Czech Silesia is extremely industrialized region attracted many immigrants during communist period). Mapping of this Silesian identity according to the method ´mental maps´ (mapping of ideas and perception of the real territory - see Gould, P. and White, R./1974/) is the aim of our project.