Course title:Sovremennaja russkaja literatura / Contemporary Russian Literature
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of Slavonic Studies - Department of Russian
Course code:KRU / 4SRLT
Level of study:Mgr.
Format of study:Lecture 1 [Hours/Week], Seminar 1 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:Mgr. Igor Jelínek, Ph.D. (G)
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The aim of subject is to familiarize students with changes of Russian literature in post-Soviet period and at the turn of 20. and 21. century. The explanation is focused on clarification of aesthetic-philosophical systems that were present at the birth of dominant art streams of this period. Their single aspects are later reflected in the art work of authors representing Russian literature in last few decades. The seminar is focused also on Czech translations of modern Russian literature. The subject is taught in Russian.