Igor Jelínek

Academic degree, name, surname:Mgr. Igor Jelínek, Ph.D.
Room, floor, building: D 605, Building D
Position:Section Administrative Coordinator
Research interests and teaching:
Department (Faculty): Department of Slavonic Studies (Faculty of Arts)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 1852
Personal website:

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Kostřebová TerezaVilen Naumovich Komissarov as a prominent personality of the Russian translation theoryMaster's thesis 2020 
Vavřínková LenkaCzech Female and Male Translators from Russian (20th century) - an Attempt to Describe the Model of Translation ActivityMaster's thesis 2020 
Holbojová TerezaThe Annotated Translation of a Russian play by Viktor Sergeyevich Rozov - Gnyezdo glukharyaMaster's thesis 2019 
Mrázková VeronikaThe Annotated Translationof Rusian play by Yuri Poyakov Levaya grud AfrodityMaster's thesis 2019 
Nosková MichaelaThe Comparison of Translations of M. Bulgakov´s Master and Margarita into Czech by Alena Morávková (1969) and Libor Dvořák (2005)Master's thesis 2019 
Liščáková VeronikaKorney Ivanovich Chukovsky and His Contribution to the Development of the Theory of Artistic TranslationMaster's thesis 2018 
Melčáková JanaThe Analysis of Russian and Czech Musical Lexis from the Point of View of Lexicography and Translation Theory (an Attempt to Create Russian-Czech, Czech-Russian Dictionary of Musical Terminology)Master's thesis 2018 
Pšenčíková LucieThe Comparison of a Novel "Pushkin House" by Andrei Bitov with Its Czech Translation by Vlasta TafelováMaster's thesis 2018 
Žilenko RuslanThe Translation of Song Works and Post-Rock of Venya D´rkinMaster's thesis 2018 
Hudečková MartinaThe Prose Work of Zakhar PrilepinMaster's thesis 2017 
Lichnovská FrantiškaThe Annotated Translation of Subtitles to "Oryol i Reshka" Television SeriesMaster's thesis 2017 
Mecová VeronikaThe Annotated translation of Four Short-stories from Skazki dlya idiotov Cycle by Boris AkuninMaster's thesis 2013 
Pechová SimonaThe Structure of Semantic Relations (Synonymy, Antonymy, Paronymy and Homonymy) and Their Reflection in Available Russian and Czech Dictionaries (from a Translator's Point of View)Master's thesis 2013 
Rajčová Kratochvílová HanaThe Annotated Translation of "Ulichennaya lastochka" a Play by Nina SadurMaster's thesis 2013 
Saranová LucieThe Annotated Translation of a Short Story by Vladimir Vojnovich "Putyom vzaimnoy perepiski"Master's thesis 2013 
Sedláček MichalThe Annotated Translation of a Part of a Novel by Maya ZinchenkoMaster's thesis 2013 
Baida ViktoriyaThe problems of translating contemporary Czech literary works into RussianMaster's thesis 2012 
Herdová JanaThe Annotated Translation of a Novelette by Pavel Sanayev "Pokhoronite menya za plintusom"Master's thesis 2012 
Smělíková TaťánaThe Story of Yegor Dryomov by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1882-1945) as a Metaphor of the Russian Character (on the Russian Mentality and Stereotypes Using Concrete Examples)Bachelor's thesis 2021 
Fojtíková MichaelaThe Annotated Translation of Short-Stories Arcturus the Hunting Hound, Trali-vali by Yuri Pavlovich KazakovBachelor's thesis 2020 
Franková KarolínaThe Comparison of Russian and Czech Traditions such as Christmas, Easter, Maslenitsa/Masopust: Historical and Cultural PerspectiveBachelor's thesis 2020 
Němeček JanThe Contemporary Russian Film Production - T.Bekmambetov, V.Todorovsky, A. Uchitel (an Attempt to Describe Tendencies in Contemporary Russian CinematographyBachelor's thesis 2019 
Volková MichaelaThe Russian actor and chanson singer Alexander Vertinsky (1889-1957) as a mirror and microphone of his eraBachelor's thesis 2019 
Janošková LeaGeneral Andrey Andreyevich Vlasov - a Collaborationist and a Traitor or Hero and Agent of Kremlin?Bachelor's thesis 2018 
Prochorenkova KarinMarina Vlady: The History of A Family in the Context of Russian History (the Novel "My Cherry Orchard")Bachelor's thesis 2018 
Giecková VeronikaThe Political Parties in Russia at the Beginning of 20th century (a Historical Overview)Bachelor's thesis 2017 
Kostřebová TerezaThe Songs and Prosaic Works of Mikhail Leonidovich AncharovBachelor's thesis 2017 
Nováková VeronikaAnatoly Borisovich Mariengof (1897-1962) - poetic works and memoirsBachelor's thesis 2017 
Vavřínková LenkaThe Life of Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky and His Role in the Context of the Political History of Early 20th-Century RussiaBachelor's thesis 2017 
Zemanová EvaThe Annotated Translation of a Fairy Tale Do Tretyikh Petukhov by Vasily Makarovich ShukshinBachelor's thesis 2017 
Dobiášová BarboraComputer-Assisted Translation - Practical Experience with Translation Programs such as PC Translator, Google Translator, etc.Bachelor's thesis 2016 
Hudečková MartinaThe Annotated Translation of Two Short-Stories Sosedniaya strana and Breygel mladshiy by Anton UtkinBachelor's thesis 2015 
Lichnovská FrantiškaThe Role of Magazines in the Process of Teaching RussianBachelor's thesis 2015 
Liščáková VeronikaThe Annotated Translation of Three Short-Stories Krematoriy, Legenda o stazhere and Tanets s sablyami by Mikhail WellerBachelor's thesis 2015 
Melčáková JanaThe comparison of the Czech and Russian Musical TerminologyBachelor's thesis 2015 
Červenková NikolaRussian and Czech Dance Terminology (the Comparative Approach)Bachelor's thesis 2014 
Bittnerová DarjaCommented translation of Sergei Dovlatov's short storiesBachelor's thesis 2013 
Kanclířová KristýnaBelly dance or Traces of Oriental Culture in Russia (an Attempt to Describe the Given Phenomenon and to Create Russia-Czech, Czech-Russia Glossary)Bachelor's thesis 2012 
Ryšánková DianaThe annotated translation of Duck hunting a play by Alexander VampilovBachelor's thesis 2012 
Šmatelková VeronikaThe annotated translation of Vyacheslav Pyetsukh´s short storiesBachelor's thesis 2012 
Tesariková LesjaLife-poetry-death or The portrait of Boris Ryzhy, the poet of perestroika (an attempt to assemble a mozaic of his versatile personality)Bachelor's thesis 2012 
Jüngerová ReginaPhenomenon called "Fenya" or translating Russian prison slangBachelor's thesis 2011 
Pechová SimonaThe problem with "false friends" or interlingual homonymy in the work of translators (Czech-Russian comparative study)Bachelor's thesis 2011 
Plasgurová KateřinaThe transformation of contemporary Russian language in lyrics by Russian bands and singers-songwritersBachelor's thesis 2011 
Ryšková TerezaAnnotated translation of Yevgeny Grishkovets´s short storiesBachelor's thesis 2011 
Baida ViktoriyaThe slang of Russian teenagers at the beginning of 21st century (an attempt to describe the given phenomenon and to find translation equivalents in Czech)Bachelor's thesis 2010 
Lupínková VeronikaAnnotated translation of Sasha Sokolov´s prose Skhola dlya durakovBachelor's thesis 2010 
Ulrikhova OxanaThe development of Russian song from the past until the presentBachelor's thesis 2010 
Hudáková MartinaCommented translation of Eduard Limonov´s short storiesBachelor's thesis 2009 
Korotkovová NaděždaCommented translation of Amigo - a play by Nikolay KolyadaBachelor's thesis 2009 
Vanýsková ViktorieCommented translation of Viktor Pelevin´s short storiesBachelor's thesis 2009 
Maksimová MayyaCzech-Russian cultural relations (from the past until the present day)Bachelor's thesis 2008 
Nováková MonikaThe ways of translating expressive language into CzechBachelor's thesis 2008 
Staňková Karin"Avtorskaya pesnya" as a mirror of our timeBachelor's thesis 2008 

Contemporary Russian and Polish Sung Poetry: the Comparative Approach ? rok druhý
Main solverMgr. Igor Jelínek, Ph.D.
Period1/2015 - 12/2015
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
Contemporary Russian and Polish Sung Poetry: the Comparative Approach
Main solverMgr. Igor Jelínek, Ph.D.
Period1/2014 - 12/2014
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
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