Course title:Developmental biology
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Department:Department of Biology and Ecology
Course code:KBE / WVYBI
Level of study:Bc.
Format of study:Lecture 2 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:Mgr. Jiří Pergner, Ph.D. (G)
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The course provides overview of various aspects of Developmental biology, from early development (cleavage, blastula, gastrula, neurula stage), late development (neurulation, organogenesis, role of Hox genes), limb development, development of germ cells (sperm and oocyte), evolutionary perspective on development of body plans of various animals and aspects of developmental biology with connection to human medicine (stem cells, cancer, birth deffects). After passing the course, the students will be able to orient in basic principles of developmental biology, methodology and human embryology. The lectures will be prepared by combination of textbook knowledge and up-to-date information from reviews and original scientific papers.