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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Advanced course of molecular biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Applied geneticsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Applied microbiologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Applied plant evolutionary geneticsFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.English
Applied plant evolutionary geneticsFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
Behavioral ecologyFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
BioindicatorsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
BioinformaticsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Biological seminar (summer)Faculty of ScienceSummer5English
Biological seminar (winter)Faculty of ScienceWinter5English
Biology of endosymbionts and endosymbiotic organellesFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Biology of endosymbionts and endosymbiotic organellesFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.English
BiotechnologyFaculty of ScienceSummer5English
BryologyFaculty of ScienceSummer5English
Cell signalling and regulationFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Developmental biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Ecotoxicological bioassaysFaculty of ScienceWinter5English
Electromigration MethodsFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer10
Environmental and ecological risksFaculty of ScienceWinter10
Evolution of plants and their interactionFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Evolution of plants and their interactionFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.English
Evolution of the cellFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.English
Evolutionary and population ecologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Field excursion 1Faculty of ScienceSummer4English
Field excursion 2Faculty of ScienceWinter4English
Field excursion 3Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer4English
Field excursion 4Faculty of ScienceSummer4English
Fundamentals of entomologyFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Human biologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Long-term Study Stay AbroadFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer30Ph.D.
Modern biostatistics in RFaculty of ScienceSummer5English
Modern methods in molecular biology and genomicsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Molecular cell biologyFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.English
Molecular phylogeneticsFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
Phytogeography and plant ecologyFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.English
Popular Science magazineFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer10
Scientific communication in EnglishFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
Selected methods of molecular biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter6English
Special excursion to the zoological gardensFaculty of ScienceSummer3English
Special microbiologyFaculty of ScienceWinter5English
Toxicology and genotoxicologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Using fuzzy modelling methods in biological practiceFaculty of ScienceSummer5English