Course title:Social Housing and Homelessness in the Czech Republic
Faculty:Faculty of Social Studies
Department:Department of Social Work
Course code:KAM / ASHHC
Semester:Winter / Summer
Level of study:
Format of study:Seminar 10 [Hours/Semester]
Name of the lecturer:Mgr. Marek Mikulec, Ph.D. (G)
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The course introduces the genesis of social housing policies on the examples of individual states, specific approaches and their paradigmatic starting points and current applications. In the context of foreign approaches, will be framed Czech praxis of solving homelessness and the role of social work and also roles of key actors (ministries, municipalities, non-profit organizations, households in housing need/in market failure). Acquired knowledge and skills: - Knowledge of the agenda of social housing (approaches to solving homelessness) - Knowledge of the current system of social housing in the Czech Republic - Understanding of role of social work in social housing - Understanding of impact of social housing on the living situation of household (process of evaluation)