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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
CommunicationFaculty of Social StudiesSummer5Mgr.English
Community Social WorkFaculty of Social StudiesSummer4Bc.English
Conference/Workshop ParticipationFaculty of Social StudiesSummer3Bc.English
Development of theoretical concepts of social workFaculty of Social StudiesWinter6Mgr.English
Individual social workFaculty of Social StudiesWinter5Bc.English
International Project managementFaculty of Social StudiesWinter7Mgr.English, German
Introduction to study Czech social work at Faculty of Social Studies of University of OstravaFaculty of Social StudiesWinter / Summer3English
Professional Practice Learning-Continuous - winterFaculty of Social StudiesWinter5Mgr.English
Professional Practice Learning-Continuous-springFaculty of Social StudiesSummer5Bc.English
Smart Technologies in Social WorkFaculty of Social StudiesWinter4English
Social Work in International PracticeFaculty of Social StudiesWinter / Summer5English
Social Work with FamilyFaculty of Social StudiesSummer4Bc.English