Course title:Introduction to English Studies
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of English and American Studies
Course code:KAA / 1UVSA
Level of study:Bc.
Format of study:Lecture 1 [Hours/Week], Seminar 1 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:doc. PhDr. Miroslav Černý, Ph.D. (G); Mgr. Dominika Beneš Kováčová, Ph.D.; Mgr. Jiří Lukl, Ph.D.
ISCED F broad:Arts and humanities
Annotation:The aim of the course is to provide a survey of the study of language in the context of English linguistics. The course presents and applies the terminology related to all structural levels of language, deals with the current state of English, its social and regional varieties and informs students about current trends in English linguistics. The seminar is designed for students with min. B2 level of English (according to CEFR) - an advanced user.