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Anthropology of languageFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.
Dealings and negotiationsFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Education and societyFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.
Individual and group communicationFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.
Intercultural CommunicationFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
Intercultural CommunicationFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Sociological aspects of modern industrializationFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.
Sociology of MigrationFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Sociology of MigrationFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Sociology of workFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Sociology of workFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech,English