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Academic writingFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Academic writingFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.German
Actual methodological approaches and contemporary art theoryFaculty of ArtsWinter20Ph.D.
American Literature 1Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
American Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
American StudiesFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.English
Analysis and Commentary of Texts 2Faculty of ArtsSummer2Bc.Spanish
Ancient Spanish LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Spanish
Ancient TheatreFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.
Art in Central EuropeFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Basics of Interpreting 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Czech, German
British Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
British StudiesFaculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.English
Central Europe in Middle AgesFaculty of ArtsSummer6Bc.English
Chapters from American studies and literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Chapters from British studies and literatureFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Chapters from Czech-German language confrontationFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.German
Chapters from French Morphosyntax 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.French
Chapters from French Morphosyntax 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.French
Chapters from history of everyday lifeFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Cognitive PsychologyFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Communication and rhetoricFaculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.
Consecutive InterpretingFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.Czech, German
Contemporary Czech LexicographyFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
Contemporary History of the WorldFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Continuous Teacher Training 1Faculty of ArtsSummer2Mgr.
Continuous Teacher Training 2Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.
Conversation 3Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.
Conversation in SpanishFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Spanish
Creative writingFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
Cultural Geography of the USAFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Current Issues of the Historic. ResearchFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.English
Current Trends in Teaching Classical LanguagesFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
Czech Literature as a Key to the CultureFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.English
Czech Literature in Central European ContextFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.English
Czech Literature in Central European ContextFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Czech Post-1945 Literature 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Czech
Czech Post-1945 Literature 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Czech Proper NamesFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
Czech for Foreigners - Nonslavic speakersFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.Czech
Czech for Foreigners - Slavic speakersFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.Czech
Czech for Foreigners 1Faculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.Czech
Czech for Foreigners 1 - czech textsFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.Czech
Czech for Foreigners 2Faculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.Czech
Czech language - practical trainingFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.
Czesko-polskie zwiazki literackie / Czech-Polish Literary RelationsFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Polish
Deutsch in Unternehmenskommunikation 1 / Communication in Management and Business 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Deutsch in Unternehmenskommunikation 2 / Communication in Management and Business 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.German
Development of Literary CriticismFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Didactics of Latin 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.
Didactics of Latin 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
Discourse analysisFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Doctoral seminar 1Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
Doctoral seminar 2Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
Doctoral seminar 3Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
Elektronische Datenverarbeitung / Electronic Data ProcessingFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.German
English Language 5 (B1/B2)Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
English Language 6(B2)Faculty of ArtsSummer6Bc.English
English grammar in discourse 1Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
English grammar in discourse 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Film ClubFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer5Mgr.Czech,English
Film clubFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Mgr.Czech,English
Film clubFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
Foreign Slavic laguageFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Ph.D.
French Grammar 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.French
French Grammar 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.French
French Grammar 3Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.French
French Grammar 4Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.French
French for Tourism 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.French
French for Tourism 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.French
French literature of 20th centuryFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.French
From natural philosophy to scienceFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Full-Time Teaching PlacementFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.
Féminisation linguistique dans les pays francophones / Linguistic FeminisationFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.French
German 4Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.German
German for Business 3Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
German for Business 3Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.German
Historia i kultura Polski 1 / Polish History and Culture 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Historia i kultura Polski 2 / Polish History and Culture 2Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.Polish
Historia jezyka polskiego / History of the Polish LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.Polish
Historia y sociedad en la literatura espanola / History and Society in Spanish LiteratureFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Spanish
Historia y sociedad en la literatura latinoamericana / History and Society in Latin American LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Spanish
Historical Grammar of the English LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.English
History of Art in Central EuropeFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
History of French-Speaking CountriesFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
History of the Spanish Literature 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Spanish
History of the Spanish Literature 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Spanish
History of the Spanish Literature 3Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Spanish
History, Culture, Life and Institutions of France 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.French
History, Culture, Life and Institutions of France 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.French
History, Culture, Life and Institutions of French Speaking European CountriesFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.French
History, Culture, Life and Institutions of French Speaking European CountriesFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.French
Intercultural CommunicationFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
Intercultural project for primary and secondary schools:(international) students outreachFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer5Bc.English
Interferencja jezykowa / Language Interference - Theory and PracticeFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
Interpreting preparatory course 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.Czech, German
Introduction into translationFaculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.Czech, German
Introduction to Czech Language and CultureFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3English
Introduction to English StudiesFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Introduction to Gender StudiesFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
Introduction to Literary StudiesFaculty of ArtsSummer2Bc.Spanish
Introduction to the Culture and Life in the Czech RepublicFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Introduction to the History, Culture and Society of Spain and Latin AmericaFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Spanish
Introduction to the History, Culture and Society of Spain and Latin AmericaFaculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Spanish
Introduction to the study of literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Istorija i kultura Rossii 1 / Russian History and Culture 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Russian
Istorija i kultura Rossii 3 / Russian History and Culture 3Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Russian
Jan Amos Comenius in the Context of Renaissance and Early Modern PhilosophyFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Komunikacja interkulturowa 1 / Intercultural Communication 1Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Komunikacja interkulturowa 2 / Intercultural Communication 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Polish
Language Contact and BilingualismFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Language Training 6Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Language TypologyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Language policyFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
Leksikologija i slovoobrazovanije / Lexicology And Word FormationFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Russian
Leksykologia / LexicologyFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Polish
Lexicologia y Lexicografía / Lexicology of Spanish LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Spanish
Lexicology and stylisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
Lingwistyka kognitywna / Cognitive and Communication LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Czech,Polish
Literatura regionalna / Regional LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Polish
Literature and society 1Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Literature and society 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Lwów-Warsaw schoolFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech
Master thesis seminar 1Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
Master thesis seminar 2Faculty of ArtsSummer15Mgr.
Medieval HistoriographyFaculty of ArtsWinter6Bc.
Medieval town and its lifeFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.
Methodology of Literary CriticismFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.
Methodology of literary criticism 1 - metodology of literary research, critical schools, theories and streamsFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Ph.D.Czech
Overview of French Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.French
Pedagogical PsychologyFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Phonetics and PhonologyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Poetry in the linguistic perspectiveFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
Practical Grammar Seminar 1Faculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.French
Practical Language 1AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Practical Language 1BFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Practical Language 2Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 2Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.French
Practical Language 2AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Practical Language 2BFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Practical Language 3Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 3Faculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 3Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.French
Practical Language 3AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Practical Language 4Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 4Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.French
Practical Language 5Faculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.Spanish
Practical Language 5Faculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.French
Practical Language 6Faculty of ArtsSummer2Bc.French
Practical class in librarianshipFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
Practical class in literary criticismFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.
PragmalinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Psychology of Work and ManagementFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Reading and Interpretation of Philosophical TextsFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Realia Polski / Aspects of Polish Life and InstitutionsFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Polish
Realien der deutsprachigen Länder 1 / German studies 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Realien der deutsprachigen Länder 2 / German studies 2Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.German
Russian History and Culture 2 / Russian History and Culture 2Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Russian
Russian PhilosophyFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Russian for foreignersFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4English
Russkaja frazeologija / PhraseologyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.Russian
Russkaja grammatika - morfologija 1 / Russian Grammar - morphology 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Russian
Russkaja grammatika - morfologija 2 / Russian Grammar - morphology 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Russian
Russkaja literatura 19 veka 1 / Russian 19th Century Literature 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Russian
Russkaja literatura 19 veka 2 / Russian 19th Century Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Russian
Russkaja literatura pervoj poloviny 20 veka / Russian 20th Century Literature 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Russian
Russkaja literatura vtoroj poloviny 20 veka / Russian 20th Century Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.Russian
Selected Chapters from American LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British and/or American Literature 2Faculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British and/or American Literature 3Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from Contemporary French LiteratureFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.
Selected Chapters from Contemporary French LiteratureFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.
Selected Chapters from French LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from literature 1Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Social and Cultural History of BritainFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Social and Cultural History of the USAFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
SociolinguisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Sociology of MigrationFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Sociology of workFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Sovremennaja russkaja literatura / Contemporary Russian LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.Russian
Spanish - MorphologyFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Spanish
Spanish - Practical Exercises IFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Spanish
Spanish - Practical Exercises IIFaculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.Spanish
Spanish Cinema 1Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.Spanish
Spanish Cinema 2Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.Spanish
Spanish for Business 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.Spanish
Spanish for Business 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Spanish
Spanish for Business 3Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Spanish
Spanish for Tourism 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Spanish
Spanish for Tourism 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.Spanish
Stylistyka jezyka polskiego 1 / Stylistics of Polish Language 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Polish
Stylistyka jezyka polskiego 2 / Stylistics of Polish Language 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.Polish
Subject of the individual study planFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer10Ph.D.
Talks on the Czech LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4English
Technical monuments and iconography of industryFaculty of ArtsSummer10Ph.D.
Tendencies of Evolution in Contemporary Spanish LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Spanish
Terminology in Context / Terminologie v kontextuFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Text LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Text LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Spanish
Text LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
The Basics of CounsellingFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
The Basics of PsychotherapyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.
The Spoken Czech - the Dialectical and Onomastical ResearchFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer3Bc.
The Theories of IdeologyFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Theatrical studioFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Mgr.
Theoretical-methodological basics of monuments careFaculty of ArtsSummer10Ph.D.
Translation TheoriesFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Translation criticismFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.Czech, German
Translation in Practice 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech, German
Translation of Professional Text 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Czech, German
Trends of contemporary FrenchFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.French
Vvedenije v funkcionalnuju stilistiku / Functional StylisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Russian
Wstęp do literatury polskiej (Wstep do literatury polskiej) / Introduction to Polish LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer2Bc.Polish