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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Academic writingFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Academic writingFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.German
Basics of Interpreting 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.Czech, German
Chapters from Czech-German language confrontationFaculty of ArtsWinter3German
Consecutive InterpretingFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.Czech, German
Deutsch in Unternehmenskommunikation 1 / Communication in Management and Business 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Deutsch in Unternehmenskommunikation 2 / Communication in Management and Business 2Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.German
Elektronische Datenverarbeitung / Electronic Data ProcessingFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.German
German 4Faculty of ArtsSummer6Bc.German
German 4Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.German
German for Business 3Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
German for Business 3Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.German
Interpreting preparatory course 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.Czech, German
Introduction into translationFaculty of ArtsWinter2Bc.Czech, German
Realien der deutsprachigen Länder 1 / German studies 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.German
Realien der deutsprachigen Länder 2 / German studies 2Faculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.German
Translation criticismFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.Czech, German
Translation in Practice 2Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.Czech, German
Translation of Professional Text 1Faculty of ArtsWinter3Mgr.Czech, German