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Actual methodological approaches and contemporary art theoryFaculty of ArtsWinter20Ph.D.
Art in Central EuropeFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Chapters from history of everyday lifeFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.
Doctoral seminar 1Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
Doctoral seminar 2Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
Doctoral seminar 3Faculty of ArtsSummer30Ph.D.
History of Art in Central EuropeFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Medieval town and its lifeFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.
Technical monuments and iconography of industryFaculty of ArtsSummer10Ph.D.
Theoretical-methodological basics of monuments careFaculty of ArtsSummer10Ph.D.