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Temperature aspects of adsorption from aqueous solutions on coals
Project IdIAA301870801
Main solverprof. Ing. Boleslav Taraba, CSc.
Period1/2008 - 12/2011
ProviderStandardní grantový projekt GA AV
AnotationThe effect of temperature on adsorption behaviour of compounds from aqueous solutions deserves special attention. In many cases it has been reported that the uptake increases with increasing temperature, in another cases, however, decrease in uptake of immobilized cations was found. In fact, it is lack of more detailed information on the aspect. The main aim of the project is to gain complex information on the temperature dependence of the adsorption of heavy metals and phenolic compounds from aqueous solutions on coals and carbon. Approach to solution arises both from "classical" adsorption measurements as well as from (less usual) calorimetric and electrochemical investigations. Obtained experimental data will be thermodynamically analysed and, subsequently, convenient model to describe the temperature behaviour of the adsorption system should be developed.