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NEOLAiA - Transforming Regions for an Inclusive Europe
Project Id101124794
Main solverMgr. Renáta Tomášková, Dr.
Period1/2024 - 12/2027
ProviderRektorát, Erasmus+
AnotationNEOLAiA is transforming regional connectivity by embracing (i) digital transformation, through (ii) inclusion and diversity in a context of (iii) enhanced mobility. These are the 3 key NEOLAiA pillars that support our alliance, founded in 2019 by young dynamic universities from 9 European countries. We see our role within small and mid-sized cities with the potential to boldly transform the European higher education system and society, from a bottom-up perspective, bringing sustainable innovations for social and economic prosperity not only to our regions, but to the EU as a whole and beyond. Our vision and premise are predicated on strong values as a European University, firmly supported in its three core missions of (i) educating our citizens for an informed, inclusive and diverse union of nations; (ii) researching for new knowledge creation with purpose and, (iii) engaging with our societies, giving them voice in a context of increased dilemmas, between an inequitable globalization model and towards an unknown future. We have concluded in our 3.5 years of alliance that there is an extensive area of progress to be made. We strive to address these needs and to materialize this vision by (i) transforming higher education for students, academics and staff, through innovative and interactive experiences that are relevant to our regions, their interconnectedness and improved ability to face shared challenges. We will achieve this by (ii) working collaboratively towards a fully integrated and inclusive alliance of regions based on novel transnational European legal entities and by (iii) enacting our activities on regionally-rooted education, research and societal engagement to improve our communities mutual collaboration, understanding and wellbeing. Our current and future endeavours will lead NEOLAiA to experiment and cooperate with the broader goal of building a truly integrated European University that best serves the present and future needs of its communities.